What is the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Laundry?

In today's generation wherein the advancement of technology takes its place in the busy world, everyone wants to get the things done in an instant. Before, people spend a whole day to do the laundry, particularly hand-washing. Today, it is common to do the laundry at home with the use of washing machines. But because everyone seems to be hungry of saving time, here comes many companies that offer dry cleaning and laundry services. Dry cleaning and laundry may seem to have the same function, but these two differ in so many ways. Here you will know the difference between the two, and you will also learn which one suits your needs.

Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning, as the name suggests, is simply cleaning the fabrics without using a water. However, it does not really mean it works liquid-free. Dry cleaning services use perchloroethylene, also called as perc, a liquid chemical that can remove dirt and stains on the clothes. Most of the time, for materials and clothes that are thick, sturdy, and too heavy to load in a washing machine, a dry cleaning is a solution. This works well for cleaning such materials as carpet, shag area rugs, bed sheets, huge curtains, heavy gowns, and men's suit. In doing this, the stains and dirt are pre-treated with perc, and then, the garments will be loaded to a machine to tumble dry.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has a lot of advantages that makes it more sought-after for people living a fast-paced life.
- It keeps the sturdiness and thickness of thick and heavy materials such as curtains, gowns, and carpets.
- It cleans well and does not make the garments shrink.
- It does not make the fabric crumpled.
- It protects and keeps the original texture and color of the fabrics.
- Increases the life span of the garments.
- It reduces discoloration.
- It removes grease and oil stains effectively.

What is Laundry Washing?

A traditional and typical laundry or washing involves water, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and even bleach to clean the fabrics and to give a long-lasting scent. This conventional way of cleaning the garments has been commonly and widely done whether it be through hand-washing or machine-washing. Most people do the laundry on their own, while some people who want to squeeze more time hand it over to a laundry shop. Since it involves the universal solvent, water, drying up the garments take too long even when a drying machine is used.

Advantages of Laundry Washing

Even though some advantages of typical washing are easily noticed, the following are the complete advantages of the conventional machine wash.
- In laundry cleaning, it only uses water, bleach, laundry detergent, and a washing machine.
- It ensures cleaning down to the deepest corner of the garments.
- Newly-washed garments and clothes have a new and fresh scent.
- Laundered clothes are chemical-odor-free.
- With the help of the universal solvent, water, the laundry detergent is evenly distributed which rids away stains, grease, and dirt.
- It is skin-friendly and it does not harm the environment.


Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry Cleaning: The Showdown

Even though these two types of cleaning the fabrics and garments have almost the same benefit, there are still a lot of differences between the two that are overlooked.
- Dry cleaning is not really suitable for the type of soiling in a man's shirt. It does not have the same result compared to laundry cleaning since the sweat and hiding odor in the collar are not fully removed. Unlike the typical washing, the clothes with tough stains are soaked to soften so that it will be easily removed by a bleach or laundry detergent.
- Dry cleaning maintains the original form of the material of fabric such as curtains. When curtains are machine washed, it is not a surprise when you see it become smaller in size, shrunk, and crumpled.
- When it comes to speed, washing the clothes tend to consume more time compared to dry cleaning.
- Laundry washing tends to be cheaper compared to dry cleaning because it only uses water as a solvent.
- Dry cleaned clothes and other materials are steamed to dry while laundered clothes are pressed with iron to dry.
- Laundered clothes have more refreshing scent compared to those that are dry cleaned.
- Washing your clothes are much cleaner and dirt-free since it is rinsed properly with water.
- Dry cleaning works on almost all types of materials and fabrics, while laundry washing do not.

Why Choose a Dry Cleaning and Laundry Washing Service

Dry cleaning and laundry service companies know what is best for your material, fabric, and garments. They have the expertise in cleaning your garments since their staff are well-trained and knowledgeable enough to do the job. And since most of these companies have a great taste of innovation, they all use top-of-the-line technology and equipment to give you the utmost dry cleaning and laundry service. You will never get a headache (and even backache) in doing such heavy chores at home. Instead, they will be a reliable shoulder to lean on in cleaning your garments. All you have to do is to send the items you want to get cleaned, and pick it up or have them delivered to you in no time.

Professional dry cleaners and launderers know the ways to carry out the processes of cleaning which involves detecting the dirt or stains, getting rid of them with harmless cleaning agents. It is time-consuming to do the job all alone that is why dry cleaning services are there to make the job easier and faster to get done. In choosing whether to have your garments dry cleaned or laundered, you should take considerations to the materials, types of fabrics, and types of stains. There are some fabrics and types of stains that cannot be removed by dry cleaning and laundry washing. If you are not sure of this, a dry cleaning and Laundry service will be a great help you out. Contacting a professional dry cleaning and laundry service can choose the suitable method to use to have an optimum effect in your clothes.

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