When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY?

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY? With Chinese New Year just around the corner, households around the world are getting ready for the celebration. Planning and cleaning are some of the key concerns of many people in the days leading up to the festival.

Far too many of us leave it till the last second, meaning we need to have the hours needed, not the energy to give our homes the cleaning they need and deserve. In this article, we have a manageable schedule designed to allow you to completely clean your home in a week instead of the last-minute panic cleaning.

First day – Tackle the Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens are people’s least favorite rooms to clean in their homes, especially as they involve a much deeper clean. Getting one of these out of the way one-day one makes an enormous difference to your spring cleaning goal.

  • One day, start your kitchen cleaning by tackling your counters.
  • Fill your sink with soapy hot water and wipe down your counters using a sponge rinsing them with hot water afterward
  • If you have a stove, take the burners and soak them in the water wipe down your stove service and clean out your microwave
  • Wipe down your kitchen cabinets ensuring your room any greasy residue once you’ve broken the back of your kitchen clean the rest of your week is easier

Second Day – Clean and organise your bedrooms

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY?

After a more difficult first day of cleaning, you can relax in today too by tackling the bedrooms.

  • Change and wash your comforter pillows and linens changed and washed
  • Vacuum your mattress and flip it
  • What down on your windowsills, baseboards, mirrors, ceiling fans, and blinds.
  • Dust the entire room from top to bottom and then vacuum
  • Apply this method to every bedroom in your home, one at a time. I would show the process to each family member and make them responsible for their own bedrooms.

Third Day – Finish the Kitchen

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY?

After a relatively straightforward second day of cleaning, it’s time to return and finish your job in the kitchen

  • Today you need to tackle the refrigerator and pantry. Remove everything, including expired food or perishable food. Wiping down the interiors clean and sanitize them before putting any food back.
  • Organize all food and label it before you put it back into the refrigerator or pantry.
  • Clean your dishwasher.
  • Clean any kitchen cabinets or drawers you didn’t tackle on the first day.
  • Last but not least, we need to clean and sanitize your kitchen sink

Fourth day – Spring clean your living area

  • Dust the entire room from top to bottom
  • Sparkling and vacuum your furniture
  • Clean your carpets, rugs and any blankets
  • Clean and Organize any electronics or other media and remove unnecessary clutter
  • Wipe down your curtains, baseboards tracks and window sills
  • Organize any of your decor
  • Finally, you need to tackle any hardwood surfaces using a high-quality hardwood cleaner

Fifth day – Clean the Bathrooms

  • The first thing you need to tackle in your bathroom is your medicine cabinet disposing of any expired materials or ones that are no longer in use
  • Cleanse every surface using a high-quality antibacterial cleanser
  • Clean the mirrors and mount the floors

Sixth day – Organise your Laundry room

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY?
  • Clean your washing machine inside and out.
  • Wipe down all your country’s dust and declutter
  • Clean your dryer, removing and clearing the lint catcher

Seventh Day – General household maintenance

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY?

Obviously 7 days of cleaning will leave you a little tired so on your last day you’re just going to tackle some general maintenance of your home

When To Start Spring Cleaning My Home For CNY? – Conclusion

The key to spring cleaning a home is to keep yourself focused and motivated. I found some experience that music is vital to stay motivated. create a playlist designed to last as long as you need to listen to an audiobook or podcast this will help you stay engaged

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