Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy?

Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy? If you want to ensure that your air conditioning is running properly, you need to maintain it at a regular interval. If you do not clean up the filter and maintain the machine, it will fill up with dust.

Also, the airflow will reduce to 50% just because of its dirty filters that block the flow of air. Repairing the air con will be costlier than you think.

Cleaning the air conditioning is the duty of the tenants if they are living in that place on lease. They have to clean and maintain the aircon every three months. Once the air is cleaned it can save people from allergies, asthma, and other health issues.

Duty of the residents:

It is the duty of the tenants to clean the aircon every three to four months. The filters of the machine are part of the lease. Also, it’s the responsibility of the owner to clean the ac regularly and before a tenant moves in.

But after that, it’s the duty of the residential to take care of it. The landowner also has the responsibility to cover for any damage during the term of leasing the place.

For a commercial lease, the tenants have to clean the filters regularly. Also, they have to maintain the air condition at least once in one year. This rule will continue until the End of the Tenancy.

The responsibility of the landowner:

In almost every states that landlords do not have the responsibility to provide aircon to tenants. The majority of the law and terms consider that air con is an amenity. But for safe and comfortable living, landlords tend to provide this to tenants.

Rental with AC and amenities:

Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy?

Several landlords regard ac as an extra amenity with the rental, and this is similar to a washing machine or washer. As the ac is a fixture and a part of the residential house, the landlords have to be responsible for it.

This means, the moment you provide your tenant with air-con, you are responsible for its maintenance. You also have to pay for any damage.

The law regards air-con as a part of the residential lease. Even after the tenants move in as a landlord you have to maintain the machine. It will be in the contractual terms of the lease. Otherwise, you will breach the contract and your tenant will hold you responsible for any damage.

Maintenance and repair of the air conditioning:

Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy?

If the air-con breaks from much use, tear, or any natural forces, the tenant has no control over it. In here if you are the landowner, you have to take care of it. Also, you have to cover the cost. On the other hand, if the ac breaks due to the negligence of the residents or their guests.

The tenants have to pay for the repair and fix the machine. In this case, you can decide if they can pay this directly or from the security deposit.

Landlords also have a particular time period to fix the air-con, once the tenant notifies them about the failure. The damage of air-con can cause severe health damage. For this reason, the landlords have two to five business days to repair it.

Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy? – Conclusion

Who Should Clean The Aircon After End of Tenancy?

It’s best for both tenants and the landlords if the residents notify the landowner about the air con. The tenant has to call the landowner or the maintenance department with the lease agreement. They have to convey the details of air conditioning damage.

They must send the notification in writing, with all the details of the in-operation and the machine. The tenant has to provide the contact information, unit number so the technician can provide a repair time.

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