Why Is My Aircon Blowing Hot Air And How To Fix It?

Many Singapore homeowners have air conditioners because the weather in the country leaves them with no choice. Singapore which has only two seasons and not the four as common with most countries is known for prolonged dry and wet seasons.

During the dry seasons, the temperatures are extremely hot while during the wet season, the temperatures can be quite cold. This is why most homes will have air conditioners to regulate the temperatures within them and help the homeowners cope with the changing temperatures.

A great quality air conditioner is usually indispensable in most Singapore homes; however, even the very best can sometimes fail or blow only hot air. A failed air conditioner is a nightmare for many homeowners because it is a cause for a lot of discomfort. Many homeowners find themselves enduring the uncomfortable temperatures and spend a lot of time waiting for the repair expert to come. They also have to pay a lot of money after the service is done.

However, as a homeowner, you can take time to do proper maintenance on your air conditioner and learn a few simple and useful troubleshooting techniques for common problems. This will help you save a lot of money and time by sorting out the minor issues in time and without having to pay someone to do it for you. Some useful tips to help you along are as follows:-

Do Basic Maintenance

Keep the air conditioner as clean as possible and whenever you are doing any maintenance work on it make sure the power is turned off. Often times, dirt is the major cause of most air conditioner faults. If you have the unit installed outside your home, ensure that it is far from any overgrown grass or plants. Use a duct tape to seal any leaks that might appear in the ducts as soon as you notice them to prevent them from causing a malfunction in the whole system.

If your air con’s evaporator is accessible, use a brush or a rag to clean off any dirt buildup or any kind of blockage. Remove any accumulated mold or fungus especially in the condensation tray. You can use a bleach solution to get rid of the mold or fungus for good. The fan in your air conditioner might need just simple oiling, something you can easily do yourself as the homeowner. Simply add small amounts of the motor oil to any accessible oil intakes. Often times however, the problems are as a result to accumulation of grime and dirt in the unit especially if you have a window air conditioner. Therefore, regardless of the kind of air con you have, make sure all the essential parts are always clean to avoid common problems.

Do Frequent Inspections

Frequent inspection of the whole air conditioning unit in your home will enable you to find the problems in time before they cause major faults in the whole system. You will note dirt blockages, cracks, holes, leaks and attend to them in time. 

When To Call An Expert

There comes a time when the air con problems are simply beyond you the homeowner. If you have a central air conditioner for example, there might be parts that can simply fail to function and might need either replacement or repair by a real professional. While some individuals might feel capable of dealing with the problem and repairing the unit, there are high chances that they might not do a great job. This is because air conditioners often require very specific components that must be special ordered and installed by experienced professionals. When your air conditioner fails beyond your capabilities, simply call a professional and have it looked and serviced. Make sure the professional you are calling is indeed capable of repairing or installing new components.

You can have a professional recommended by other homeowners who have used his services or you could always ask for previous successful services records to help you make up you mind if you need to hire them.

Also, when you feel you need the services of a professional have more than two experts; give their opinion on what should be done if not sure. Getting a second opinion is always important because there might be some shady professionals who would only be interested in making a lot of money from you.

With the above tips you can solve both large and small air conditioner problems.

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