10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper

10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper – Wallpaper is a great way to give your living space a fresh new look, but it can be challenging to keep clean. From daily spills and dirt to accumulated grime and dust, it’s all too easy for your wallpaper to become grimy and unappealing over time.

But rather than shelling out big bucks to have a professional cleaner do the job, you can save yourself some money by doing it yourself! To help you get a head start on this task, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to keep your wallpaper looking its best.

Read on – 10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper:

Cleaning Your Wallpaper At Home:

10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper

1. Don’t Put Off The Dirty Work

The longer a wallpaper stays dirty, the harder it becomes to remove. It also makes the task more complicated, and more time-consuming.

2. Use A Steam Cleaner

It is handy to have a steam cleaner on hand from time to time for when you’re doing heavy cleaning in rooms with walls or other surfaces that are hard to clean with ordinary household methods. With steam cleaners, you don’t have to scrub them but can simply use the machine like a mop and let it do the work for you.

For wallpaper, the steam cleaner is ideal because you can use it to get into all the crevices and ensure that every inch of your wallpaper is free of dirt. This will also work great in removing stains, such as oil and spills. You’ll be left with a fresh, clean finished product!

3. Use Vinegar And Water

10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper

Vinegar is a great cleaning product because it works well on just about any surface. But one advantage that many people overlook is its ability to work as an excellent wallpaper cleaner! Mixing vinegar with water and using it to clean the walls will leave them looking brand new.

When mixing the vinegar and water, be sure that you use equal parts of each. Vinegar is a very strong substance so you don’t want to use too much of it, lest it damages your wallpaper. Apply the liquid liberally and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before wiping the walls down with a soft cloth or sponge. Then rinse and dry as normal!

4. Use A Cloth

If you have an oil-based stain on your wallpaper, using a cloth may work better than using solutions like lemon juice or vinegar because it will help draw out any excess oil. You can also use a thick, soft cloth to gently rub out the stain.

You don’t need to scrub it or get out all the grime, just a little bit of elbow grease will do. Once you’ve finished with the area, wash your cloth and then rinse it off in the water.

If there are stubborn stains that you can’t get out of otherwise, then try making a paste of baking soda and water. The paste can be applied directly to the stain, and then wiped off with another clean cloth.

And if none of these methods work for you, you could always try using a steam cleaner to remove any oil-based stains left on your wallpaper!

5. Use A Lightweight Spray

10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper

If you don’t want to use vinegar or steam cleaners on your wallpaper, then you can make a big difference by using a lightweight spray. This can work great to remove stains and also can help freshen up your wallpaper just by making it look clean and shiny again!

If you’ve got a large area you’re looking to cover, then you should go with a commercial cleaner. These sprays are very lightweight and won’t do damage to the paper. They can also be used on many types of surfaces so you don’t have to worry about wallpaper-specific brands. Use the spray on a cloth and clean your walls as normal!

6. Use A Stain Remover

Stain removers are a necessary staple in any household, especially if you have kids or pets that leave messes behind them. Luckily, many brands on the market will work for wallpaper cleaning! If you’re interested in knowing how to clean Your Wallpaper At Home using all-purpose cleaners, then this is the way to go.

If your all-purpose cleaner calls for it, spray it directly onto your wallpaper and allow it to sit for a while before scrubbing gently with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the cleaned area with water and then dry as normal.

7. Use Penetrating Oil

This is a great option if your wallpaper has laundry detergent all over it, or if you have oil-based stains on your wall. Apply the penetrating oil to the area where you have a stain, allow it to sit for about an hour, and then wipe clean with a cloth or sponge when it has soaked in. Then rinse with water and dry as normal.

8. Use A Paint Scraper

If you can’t get something off your wallpaper using any of the other methods, then it may be time to get out the paint scraper!

Using a paint scraper, gently scrape away at the area that you want to clean. Don’t use too much force because you don’t want to damage the paper underneath, but just enough that you remove it without causing a mess!

9. Use Paint

If nothing else works, you can always use paint to remove the stain or oil. Spray or pour the paint onto the area and allow it to soak in for a while.

Then wipe the area down with a soft cloth once it has dried. This is another great option if you don’t want to damage your wallpaper while cleaning it, yet still want it to come out looking brand new!

10. Get A Professional

Some blemishes are simply too stubborn to get rid of using all other methods listed here. Some stains can become permanent after a while and may require professional help for them to be removed completely. If that’s the case, you should consider getting a professional to come to your home and take care of it for you. They’ll be able to get the stains out completely, even tough ones such as ink stains!


All in all, cleaning your wallpaper should be done regularly. Even if you’re not experiencing stubborn stains, dirt and grime can still build up over time and can lead to more serious consequences if it is left alone for too long.

Some stains may require more work than usual to get out of the surface, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to remove tough stains in no time at all!

We hope you enjoyed and learned something from this article – 10 Methods To Use For Cleaning Your Home Wallpaper!

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