How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda? Cleaning our home is tiresome work. Sometimes, we do not find the perfect cleaning solution to clean our house. Commercial house cleaning products contain harsh and toxic chemicals.

These chemicals are not suitable for our health. So, homemade cleaning products attract so many consumers and these types of eco-friendly products can also ditch the toxic and harsh ingredients.

If you want to opt for the natural and homemade solution then, you should go with vinegar and baking soda. These two ingredients you have probably find in your kitchen. So, it is easy to use them for cleaning purposes. Both are known for their extraordinary cleaning power.

You should also know the fact that baking soda has the power of a super deodorizer and good for scrubbing. If you mix this with vinegar then, you will get a perfect house cleaning solution. If you want to get the full-proof cleaning technique then you should proceed with us.

Cleaning advantages of baking soda:

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

We all know the cleaning power of baking soda. It can clean in two different ways. You can get rid of the grease and dirt very easily. It has mild abrasive power. For that, you can easily scrub the surfaces of the kitchen top and sink.

You can also use it to clean your bathroom. It is a natural product and above all, it is a food item. We use it in our cooking. Apart from this, you can also get rid of the bad odor. You can simply use it to remove the bad smell from your carpet, furniture, and mattress.

Cleaning advantages of vinegar:

Vinegar is one of the best natural elements that can discard any types of bad smell. You can easily replace it in the place of any types of harsh toxic commercial cleaning products. It helps to deodorize and remove the stains as well.

But you should not use it in all area. You will have to selectively use it.

5 ways to clean with baking soda and vinegar:

Here are some ways to clean your house with baking soda and vinegar:

1. Clean the showerhead: 

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

Many people live in the hard-water area. So, it is difficult for them to avoid the mineral and limescale on the showerhead. But if you go with the solution of baking soda and vinegar then, this will take care of your problem.

You will have to cover the showerhead with a ziplock bag. You will have to use white vinegar to cover the pack and let it rest overnight. In the morning, you can sprinkle some baking soda on it after removing it from the ziplock bag.

The stains will go away. You can also use a toothbrush for scrubbing. At last, you need to rinse it with warm water.

2. Clean the toilet: 

You will have to sprinkle the vinegar on the toilet and wet the area. After that, you can sprinkle baking soda onto it. Now, you need to wait for some minutes. Then, you can scrub the toilet with a toilet brush.

3. Remove the stains from the carpet: 

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

If you have a pet in your house then, you should use this cleaning solution to get rid of pet stains from your carpet. You will have to dampen the area with the vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda onto it.

After that, you can use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of this stain and smell. You will get back to your new and shiny carpet.

4. Clear the clogged drain: 

A clogged drain in the kitchen and bathroom can give you trouble. This house cleaning solution can help you to clear the clogged drain. You will have to give some time for setting the mixture at least 30 minutes or so.

After that, you can use warm water to loosen the dirt in the drain and wash it off.

5. For laundry usage: 

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda?

It is an important addition that you can make to your laundry routine. This solution will brighten up the color of your clothes and also discard the bad smell from them. You can also use this solution to clean the sweaty and smelly towel.

How To Do House Cleaning With Vinegar And Baking Soda? – Conclusion

You can also use this solution for outdoor cleaning purposes. If you find a bad smell in your fridge then, you can use this solution. The baking soda and vinegar solution is the perfect and natural process to clean your house.

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