7 Steps On Relocating Aircon To Your New Home

Moving to a new home is exciting, but can also be overwhelming as it entails a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Relocating an air conditioner to your new home in Singapore is one of the most daunting things to do, but really shouldn't be the case. Uninstalling and getting the aircon ready to pack, to finally setting it up to your new place is something you can undertake on your own.

Relocating Aircon

Here are 7 steps to follow through before shifting your AC unit for a seamless relocation process:

1. Consider the Room Size

Prior to getting started on physically moving your existing air conditioning system, make certain to find out if the unit is fit to cover the area of the new room. This is a very critical step that is often overlooked. To avoid inefficiencies and added trouble during your move, and possibly wasting all your efforts and time with an aircon system that just won't fit, simply consider the room size. If you will be installing your aircon in a bigger room, it might not be able to completely cool the surroundings. On the other hand, if you will perform the relocation on a smaller room, there will be unnecessary extra cooling, added costs, and inefficiency in both energy resources and does not optimize your investment.

2. Perform Proper Maintenance

It's a wise step to see to your aircon unit's proper maintenance not only during use, but prior to attempting to move anything else related to the system when you are about to move to a new home. Proper maintenance is best executed beforehand to let you break-free from unnecessary worries and get into any kind of trouble with a faulty system. Instead, you will get the most effective performance from your air conditioner and achieve desired results. At the end of the day, a well-maintained unit will keep you comfortable right when you need it most after the relocation and your move has been completed.

Relocating Aircon

3. Discharge the Aircon Unit

If you were not the person who initially installed the air conditioner, then you're probably unfamiliar with its features and components. However, it's really not rocket science to understand the basics of an aircon unit. Take into account a split unit. This kind of air conditioner typically has two units, an exterior unit which contains the gas and compressor machine, and the interior unit which is attached to your wall. Obtain certifications as necessary, then contact your local HVAC technician to discharge your AC and remove all the refrigerants. Don't attempt to do this part by yourself since there's a risk of getting into contact with toxic chemicals. One the AC expert is done with the job, you can then proceed shifting your unit.

4. Clean the Outdoor AC Unit

It's not uncommon that people will simply hook up their aircon back into place as quickly as they could, with the goal of achieving a faster relocation process. The exterior unit is left ignored, looking dirty and resulting to hindered AC performance more than what many homeowners realize. Proper cleaning of the outside component holds the potential to emit the best output from your aircon unit. Everything gets better, from your system's performance to its efficiency towards a long-lasting problem-free AC as well. Hence, see to it that not only the internal unit is paid attention to, but the important outdoor unit too during relocation of your air conditioner.

Relocating Aircon

5. Clean or Change the Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter is one of the basics that must be constantly checked to get consistent optimal results from your aircon's daily operation. Ideally, the air filter of your unit should be replaced every three months. This is a best practice that ensures proper care of your air conditioning system and providing your family better health with clean air throughout the home. This step is one of the commonly forgotten aspects of the aircon relocation process. It may be a small act, but can make a huge difference towards attaining maximum AC performance in your new home. You also would not want to circulate potentially harmful particles in the air sourced from the dirty filters that were not cleaned or replaced as needed. Sometimes, the relocation itself can lead to compromised aircon filters and cleaning or changing will give you peace of mind of breathing in only clean air in your new place.

6. Steer Clear of Emergency Issues

During discharging and uninstalling the aircon, there are times when AC problems make themselves prominent. Some people think it's practical to put this issue away in the meantime, in the goal of making the relocation process quicker. However, small and seemingly insignificant issues can ultimately lead to some of the bigger problems and emergency concerns that occur right at the wrong time. This could mean unexpected extensive expenses, yet can be avoided altogether if any slight problem will be immediately addressed and fixed in the first place. As soon as you spot any sign of trouble, it's best to let the professionals tackle it with their expertise and experience. Without any delay, you will also be enjoying your properly functioning air conditioning system without encountering complications in the long run.

7. Get All the Expert Help You Can Get

Indeed, relocation of an aircon unit to a new location is possible without any kind of help from professional servicers. However, each component of the air conditioning system is delicate and valuable. Moreover, it can be time-consuming and busy lifestyles do not permit it. If you want stress-free shifting of your aircon unit, the best way to go is hire the services of professional movers and aircon specialists. You can conveniently do your routine and focus more on your move, while you have the assurance at the back of your mind that the job will be done right. This last step is a highly efficient means for aircon relocation which is a service made available at the right price by companies who truly want to help. They aim to provide with the best service and render you with the satisfaction of a great experience and hassle-free aircon relocation.

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