Aircon Servicing Allowed During Circuit Breaker Phase 1 & 2?

Are we allowed to do aircon servicing during the circuit breaker Phase 1 and 2? In response to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, Singapore has announced a circuit breaker, a period where a majority of businesses will be closed. More than a million people got infected with the virus all over the world.

Now the question is whether or not aircon servicing will be open in Singapore circuit breaker phases 1 and 2. Before the circuit breaker phase 1, all businesses were closed except for essential ones like Pharmacies and supermarkets.

As June 1 struck, Singapore finally went into phase 1 of the end of the circuit breaker. It was a time when Singapore is expected to slowly go back into the new normal. With the abundance of cases all over the country, nobody would know which one is a carrier of the disease. Thus, things won’t go back to normal until a vaccine is found for the novel coronavirus.

Believe it or not, one of the services that were allowed to reopen was the aircon servicing companies. Here are a few reasons as to why the government allowed aircon servicing to resume:

Social Distancing Observed

Maintain social distancing
Maintain social distancing

Everyone should be at least 1m apart from each other. When aircon service technicians enter your home, they should be wearing PPE outfits. Yes, those things are pretty uncomfortable. However, it is a lot better than having no income. Besides, you would not have to worry about wearing those outfits the entire day. It would only last for a few hours or how much time you will have the air con fixed.

During these times, everyone’s safety is prioritized. Thus, anyone who does not abide by these social distancing rules will be punished. There is a reason why everyone is advised to stay home. There is a good reason why social distancing markings were put at establishments so people will know where they will stand.

The Weather

How weather in Singapore
How weather in Singapore

Right now, the weather in Singapore is pretty hot. Therefore, aircon technicians are needed in a time like this. We all know air cons need to be cleaned at least 3 to 4 times a year. If it does not get cleaned regularly, it will only be a matter of time before it won’t be able to deliver coldness in the room.

In fact, some people would just stay indoors the entire time and turn on the air-con to a pretty low temperature. It is no surprise how the aircon electricity bills became so high for some people. It will actually help some people to stay at home so that some won’t suffer from a heat stroke and collapsed in the middle of nowhere.

Importance of Service

We all know how important aircon service technicians are in our society. Air conditioners may last up to 10 years but there will be a time when they will malfunction. When that happens, it would be hard to sleep at night when it is pretty hot. When you lack sleep, you’re going to be stressed the next day.

Therefore, it is important to get the right amount of sleep. When the aircon needs to get replaced, the service technicians may even give you a few recommendations even if most appliance stores are still closed.

Yes, the government is trying to avoid close contact with strangers as much as possible so you can’t blame them for doing that.

aircon servicing
Aircon servicing

As we shift into the new normal, it won’t be long before we enter phase 3 and almost all businesses of Singapore will reopen. Of course, frequent disinfecting of the establishments must be done. After all, you would want to avoid a second wave of the virus. Everyone wants everything to go back to normal so all Singapore citizens must do their job.

The good part is that after weeks of being on lockdown, some people can finally get back their jobs. It is tough going through months without having any income. Let us all hope that next year, a COVID-19 vaccine will get invented and we all won’t need to wear face masks anymore. Until then, everyone will be required to do so once they leave their houses.

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