How To Sterilize Mattresses And Sofas?

Too many times, people are affected by diseases caused by bacteria. Most of these cases happen in houses and business commercial units. Generally, they happen indoors, apparently, where people spend most of their time. The areas that are mostly neglected, yet carry a vast number of bacteria are the beds and sofas. This is because people tend to come and touch the couches or beds with their bare hands, without necessarily washing them.

Since it would be sort of absurd to always wash your hands before touching your belongings in the house, you will need to take necessary measures for safety. For that reason, it is advised to sterilize mattresses in your house, along with the sofas. Most of mattresses and sofas tend to attract more bacteria, which is difficult to spot. You will need to know how to clean your mattress and sofa thoroughly and fully sterilize them against any germ-causing bacteria. Here is a guide that will help you.

How To Sterilize Mattresses And Sofas
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• Dismantle
You will start by removing the bedding and sofa covering. For the mattress, you will remove the covering, pillows and all that are on the bed, the mattress should be left with no covering. The sofa too, you should remove all the cushions and get rid of any item that fell in, such as pens or coins. The smaller particles and stuff that fell into the sofa will be removed by hand.

The same with the sofa, take off all the washable covers and clean them, in relation to their instructions. For the slipcovers that have no labels, you will simply take them to a dry cleaner, especially if they are made of velvet, suede or any other delicate fabric.

• Open up the Sofa

If you are having a sofa bed, you will unfold it and make it accessible. For the mattress, ensure that it is open enough for cleaning. Technically, the mattress/sofa should be in the condition that you bought it, with nothing on.

• Vacuuming

Once your mattress or sofa is free from any coverings, you will need to vacuum it with a brush attachment. If there is any stain, sponge it lightly using a cloth that is dipped in soapy water, the water should be cold, to preserve the fabric. You should not use too much water that would soak the fabric, just use enough that will dampen it. When you are through with the stain removal process, allow the mattress to dry.

How To Sterilize Mattresses And Sofas?
How To Sterilize Mattresses And Sofas?

For the sofa, if it is a sofa bed, fold it in order to easily access the upholstered part. You must clean the mattress thoroughly, turning both sides and ensuring that there are no areas unattended to. Remove dirt from the flat part of the sofa using the brush attachment. To remove crumbs and dust from the deep creases, insert the hose attachment of the vacuum, for the sofa.

• Removing The Stains

If you have tough stains on your sofa, use an upholstery shampoo, if it is a washable fabric and for a non washable fabric, use a dry-cleaning solvent. Dampen a piece of cloth, or sponge, with the solvent or shampoo and blot out all the stains, till they fade away.

• Wrapping up

When you have left your mattress and/or sofa to dry, you will then need to run a damp cloth over the non-upholstered part, like the wooden legs or metal frame. Get rid of the dirt on the frame, then dry it with a dry cloth piece.

• Disinfecting

When you have cleaned the sofa or bed entirely, you will now need to use a disinfectant solvent, a strong liquid form is recommended. You will use a piece of cloth or a sponge to sanitize mattress or the sofa. This should help in killing any germ that is on the surface of the sofa or mattress.

The sanitizer should not be mixed with the solvent or shampoo, as that may weaken its strength in killing the germs. It also should be done in the final stage, when the sofa is clean enough, in order to let it remain on the surface of the sofa or mattress and kill all the possible bacteria around.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a sofa or mattress that is clean and sanitized enough, you should contact a professional. The professional will be equipped with relevant tools for cleaning and effective sanitizer. Looking for a professional mattress and sofa cleaning service? Contact us today!

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