Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion 2021

Mitsubishi Aircon promotion 2021 Mitsubishi Electric has a long history of manufacturing and the aircon promotion of 20-21 is no exception. We rely on our air-conditioning unit to keep us at an optimal temperature, and cool during hot weather, (reverse cycle).

If you are looking for energy efficiency Mitsubishi is the product for you, whether it is Ducted air condition, Inverter Ducted, or Split System, there are so many choices available for your home.

History of Mitsubishi Air Con Promotion

In the 1950s, America became a prosperous country and aircon became affordable for many people. In 1953 1 million air conditioners were sold, and some had one in every room. In fact, air conditioning was invented much earlier as there was a system available in the 1920s using cooling coils. However, the 50s was the decade when it becomes mainstream.

The original electrical air con unit was invented by American inventor Willis H Carrier in Brooklyn, New York, and he worked on it for years to perfect it.

What is Air Conditioning?

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion 2021

Air conditioning or A/C or air con is the process of removing heat from a room making the room more comfortable for the occupants. It is used in both domestic and commercial settings. The system then often uses a fan to distribute the conditioned air in an enclosed space, like a car.

There are different techniques to move the air around, in a dry hot climate the evaporative cooling technique may be used by putting water at the intake. People are known to feel cooler when the cool air is moving around them.

Types of Mitsubishi Aircon 21/21

  • Wall-mounted split system, reverse cycle split system is designed for single rooms through to larger spaces. This range includes the winning HSZ-AP series.
  • Floor console, Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KW. floor mounted reverse cycle air-conditioning unit. Is installed on the floor, and is ideal in rooms without a lot of wall space.
  • Ceiling Mounted Aircon, a split system can be mounted on the ceiling. This is a compact cassette ceiling system and maybe your perfect solution.
  • Bulkhead Aircon is concealed in the ceiling bulkhead and is very quiet in bedrooms.
  • Solutions for Multiple Rooms, Mitsubishi Electric MXZ series multi-split systems can be connected via 2-8 indoor units allowing cooling for many rooms within your house.
  • Whole House, Providing heating and cooling for your office or house. The technology is quiet, energy-efficient, and reliable for your home.

Controlling Your Home Temperature from Anywhere

Mitsubishi Aircon wifi control will allow your home to be cooled from anywhere with Alexa or Google Assistant. Turn off your aircon remotely, or check what it is set on, from your office. This is wonderful and makes such a difference to your energy use as once you leave the house you can turn it off. Or on again when you are returning home after work.

Mitsubishi Aircon Maintenance

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion 2021

If you have any technical issues with your unit, the maintenance department at Mitsubishi can send a trained HVAC worker over to see what the issue is and to fix the problem.

Usually, it can be identified and fixed on the spot, as the team knows all about the Mitsubishi Aircon systems following years of training. A lot of quality research and development goes into making the best products available.

Planning Your Mitsubishi Aircon Purchase

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion 2021

It is a false economy to keep your old unit for years, as the new ones are much more energy-efficient, and you will save money by upgrading. To calculate the size multiply the length x the width of a room area.

Then to get the size to multiply that total times 25 BTU, allowing for ample cooling whatever the day. If you have concerns, get a representative to talk to you and even measure the space for you as sizing is based on cooling load, and it can be complicated for the homeowner.

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion 2021 – Conclusion

Mitsubishi Aircon delivers a reliable product to suit every home, and you will be surprised to see how compact and streamlined they have become, making your home the ultimate resort.

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