Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021 – Sometimes maintenance of the office becomes a challenge with a lot of people passing by. Whoever oversees maintenance and cleaning of office must consider the use of schedules for office cleaning for keeping track of all responsibilities and tasks.

Complete Guide To Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

In addition to the typical cleaning routine, additional regulations now need additional disinfection and cleaning processes.

Such regulations also include communal area disinfection, strict protocols for hand sanitizer for the staff along with additional PPE for front house staff and clean.

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Schedules for Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

How you’ve thought of structuring the maintenance and cleaning tasks in the office is based on the structure and design of the offices and buildings, various responsible people, and often would you want to do each task.

A few tasks should be handled through third-party service providers. This should be factored in when scheduling the task frequency. For example, deep cleaning carpets must be done at least once a year. It isn’t necessary to clean carpets monthly as it’s disruptive, expensive, and unnecessary.

Day to Day Cleaning Tasks for Office

The cleaning and tidying tasks must be added to the daily schedule:

  • Sanitize surfaces
  • Dishes
  • Canteen floors
  • Common dust areas
  • Common tidy areas
  • Stock bathrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Front-house windows
  • Wipe and empty bins

Weekly Cleaning Checklist for Office

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021
  • These tasks must comply well with the weekly schedule for cleaning
  • Clean and clear out the communal fridges
  • Clean and dust desks of employees
  • Clean and dust down areas of conference rooms
  • Clean and vacuum all rooms carpets
  • Vacuum the upholstery
  • Mop all the floors
  • Ensure proper window cleaning
  • Clean the light fittings
  • Clean down the windows
  • Sanitize drains

Office Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks to do monthly

Such maintenance and cleaning tasks must be completed at least once a month

  • Under appliances (like the fridge)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Shelves and dust bookcases
  • Hardwood floors for polished tiles
  • Outdoor furniture

You must have upholstery at least once or twice a year, drapes and carpets must be cleaned deeply. Chrome, silver, and brass fittings need to be polished.

Carrying out certain tasks for maintenance depends on whether you’ve rented or owned a building. These tasks also include:

  • Cleaning drains and gutters
  • Painting
  • Repainting lines of the parking
  • Gardening
  • General DIY interior
  • Power-washing the patios

It is a known thing that the best method to guarantee the safety of customers and employers is ensuring proper prevention protocols.

A lot of office chores will be the same, but you’ll have to pay a lot more attention to the disinfection done daily. Also, it’s best to have an updated routine with the “new normal” checklist for office cleaning provided below.

The best office cleaning checklist includes cleaning all parts of the office. You should ensure that you are not overlooking while cleaning, along with the information about how often one thing must be cleaned.

Things to do for Properly Cleaning the Workstation

Checklist to Clean for Break Rooms and Office Kitchens

The break room and kitchen within an office are frequently used. Let’s know about the right processes for ensuring their tidiness and right cleaning:

  • Clean the dishware and utensils and also put away from the clean ones.
  • Discard the unwanted food and food wrappers, expired perishables, and a lot more.
  • Recycling and empty trash
  • Cleaning dishware and utensils and also put the clean ones away.
  • Throw out old food refrigerator. Also, disinfect all refrigerator surfaces.
  • Clean and then disinfect all surfaces where people prepare food and eat, like the counters or table.
  • Check the water cooler while ensuring that cups and water are there for people for drinking
  • Cleaning the appliances such as microwave or toaster

Checklist to Clean Cubicles and Office Desks

In an area where people work while sitting, and sharing work tables and cubicles, you must take a few steps for ensuring that they’re organized and clean.

  • Recycle empty cans and paper
  • Clean dust keyboards and computer screens
  • Clean office windows
  • Vacuum the floors under and around tables and desks
  • Disinfect surfaces touched by people: lamps, phones, fax machines, keyboards, staplers, copiers, and a lot more.
  • Shelves, dust desks along other surfaces.

Checklist to Clean the Office Bathrooms

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

All the bathrooms require regular disinfection and cleaning, and the office bathroom isn’t any exception from this. Here is how you can keep things healthy, sanitary, and safe.

  • Replace the empty rolls of toilet paper along with rolls of paper towel
  • Clean mirror through glass cleaner
  • Also, check and ensure that the hand dryers work perfectly. Troubleshoot, or when you’re not able to recognize the issue, contact a maintenance specialist or a repairman.

Checklist to Clean Waiting Rooms and Office Reception

If you’ve got a front office area for welcoming guests, you’ll need to ensure that it helps in making a first good impression. For ensuring that, you have to take a few steps for cleaning.

  • Dust the hard surface desk, tables of the waiting room, and a lot more.
  • Recycle the bins and empty trash
  • Organize magazines and books that are meant for visitor’s reading.
  • Also, clean the filter and coffee machine if you’ve got a common coffee area in the lobby.
  • Dust and clean the windows properly, company sign along with other elements for the visiting guests to notice first.
  • Try cleaning the carpet in common areas and the waiting room in the office carpet at least once every 3 to 4 months.

Checklist to Clean Area Out of the Office

When there is any office exterior, you can take a little time for cleaning that as well. The office exterior can also help in painting the first impression.

Best checklist solution for office cleaning: Hire the Professionals for Help

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021

Ensure that the parking lot is free of any hazards eg: branches that make it difficult for people to walk or park.

Office Cleaning Checklist 2021 – Conclusion

At the day’s end, it is vital to get all equipment and supplies that you want for your office cleaning checklist, but this is also vital for ensuring that all such things remain in good shape and space itself also feels cared for and clean.

Also, follow the aforementioned office cleaning checklist for ensuring that you’ve got everything you require, or else you can hire commercial or professional cleaning services.

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