Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year – If 2020 has been as terrible a year for you as it was for everyone else, then spring cleaning your home should be a good remedy. There is nothing better than starting a new year fresh with a clean and organized home.

What Is The Purpose Of Spring Cleaning Before CNY?

Starting February 4th, people will participate in the Chinese tradition of cleaning the house. This tradition is known as “sweeping away the dust” and it signifies the end of both winter and the year that has just passed.

Giving the house a thorough cleanse is compared to the freshness and rebirth that spring symbolizes, hence the term “spring cleaning”

The main purpose of spring cleaning is to bring good fortune into your life as the new year approaches. A house that is in chaos represents a chaotic life. Bringing order and organization into your home will also reflect your mind in the year ahead.

This time is also an opportunity for you to practice Feng Shui so that your home is designed in a way to avoid bad luck from entering your life.

Things To Keep In Mind When Spring Cleaning Home

1) Go Natural

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

The idea of cleaning is to get rid of anything toxic in your home. Why would you use chemicals, then, if there are natural substances out there that are just as effective for cleaning? For example, the best natural cleanser for all those nasty molds would be vinegar.

The best thing about vinegar, you probably already have it in your pantry. In more severe cases, combine it with baking soda and you’re good to go. If you’re trying to get rid of the pungent smell afterward, light some natural home-made orange candles.

2) Don’t Do It All At Once

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

Many people struggle to get just a bit of cleaning done at a time, what about an entire house? Spring cleaning doesn’t happen on just one day but over a period of days. That is more than enough time to spread out your chores so that you only have to do a little each time.

The more cleaning you need to do, the more time you need to set aside, obviously. Between 1-3 hours, each day should do the trick. If you find yourself struggling to start, tell yourself to start with the smaller projects.

Ease into the groove of cleaning; there’s no need to dive straight into the difficult tasks.

3) In With The New And Out With The Old

Spring cleaning isn’t all about removing all the dust that’s been collecting all year. It also involves decluttering your home by getting rid of things that are never used. Overcrowding the home will overcrowd the mind, which means that it’s best to live as simply as possible.

Besides, you know you’re going to bring in new things, so why not free up some space?

4) Organize

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

If you come across two of the same things, but in different rooms, are you still going to leave them there? No, of course not. As you sweep through the house, this is the perfect time to organize everything that belongs together.

It also means you have the chance to find a more suitable home or resting place for all those little things that don’t belong somewhere. Keep all your shoes together where they are out of the way; put all your jewelry in one place so you know where to find them.

Also, organize your closet and consider donating the clothes that you never wear, even when you tell yourself you will “one day”. Giving something to charity will definitely help your odds of receiving good fortunes.

5) Keep Your House Clean

While the tradition of spring cleaning takes place before Chinese New Year, it does not mean it ends there as well. If you want your year to be smooth instead of chaotic, it starts by keeping your house clean and in order.

By neglecting your place of rest, you compromise your own mindset. No one wants that. So, don’t wait until the end of the year to clean again.

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year – Conclusion

Purpose of Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

There are many factors out there that will bring chaos into your life. However, if you have a clear and organized mind, you can conquer them. And that all starts with a well-maintained home that offers relaxation and welcomes good fortunes.

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