Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen (2023 Tips)

Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen (2023 Tips). One of the busiest places in the household is the kitchen. Daily preparation of meals three times a day is a necessity. It is no wonder that this cooking space has many things going on.

There are cooking pans, utensils, food supplies, and appliances cramped in a limited space. The situation calls you to declutter and organize your kitchen. It increases functionality, productivity, and creativity during the preparation of dishes. As a result, your family will enjoy good food and eat happily.

Why Declutter and Organize the Kitchen?

Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen (2023 Tips)
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There are many advantages of decluttering and organizing your kitchen. The reasons are as follows:

1. It makes cooking easier for you.

Since everything is in order, looking for ingredients and utensils is easy. You can also have extra space to place the chopping board or mixing bowl while cooking.

2. It inspires you to make meals.

An organized and decluttered kitchen gives off a cozy vibe. It gives the inspiration to cook since the room is pleasant and inviting.

3. It saves money.

Arranged ingredients make the grocery list shorter. You will not mistakenly buy in excess. Knowing what is in the kitchen gives you this insight.

4. It decreases the possibility of accidents.

A clean and organized kitchen offers a lot of mobility and functionality. You will not accidentally topple or bump into things while cooking. It makes you feel calm and collected while whipping a dish.

Start to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen!

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Now you know why decluttering and organizing the kitchen is of great importance. It is time to begin the step toward developing your cooking space. Allow yourself to experience the benefits of keeping things spic and span. Effective Decluttering Steps are:

1. Check the Expiration Date of Supplies.

This chore will take a while but is necessary. Go over the cupboards, fridge, and countertop to check the labels of the food supplies. If the expiration date is at least due in a month, you can keep it. Throw it away if immediate use is not possible.

Check the fridge for leftovers kept in airtight containers. It is for disposal if the storage time count is three days. Other items like eggs, butter, and cheese can stay in the fridge longer. But do inspect them visually to see if something is off.

2. Dispose of All the Take-out Complimentary Items.

Sometimes instead of cooking, you would order take-out. These meals come with plastic spoons and forks, chopsticks, condiment sachets, and napkins. It is usable but not necessary. If things like these are in your kitchen, get rid of them. There is a high chance that you will not use it in the future.

3. Identify Duplicate Tools and Utensils.

Go through your tools and utensils and create a checklist. You will be surprised to find things duplicated. Items like peelers, tongs, funnels, measuring cups, and spoons are usual culprits. If having two items is not necessary, give those things away.

4. Go over your Coffee Mugs and Glasses.

Coffee mugs and glasses are popular novelty gifts and travel souvenirs. It is functional and decorative. However, having too much only results in clutter. Letting it go is not easy. Some of them might have sentimental value.

To make it easier, check the mugs for damages like cracks, chipping, discoloration, molds, and dark spots. If there are imperfections, it is time to let go. It can no longer hold your coffee every morning, or its aesthetics have expired.

5. Clear All Surfaces

Check your kitchen for outdated cookbooks and magazines. You might need to pull them out. Look at the refrigerator door. Are there too many sticky notes and magnets? It’s time to clear them out. Evaluate also if you still need that fruit basket or bread basket.

If they are only collecting dust, take them away. As for towels, allocate an area to hang and dry them. Leaving them crumpled carelessly is an eyesore. Remember, if it is unnecessary, it should not be there.

Helpful Organizing Steps:

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1. Define What You Always Use.

There are things in the kitchen that you often use. Items like pots, pans, knives, spatulas, mixing bowls, and a chopping board. Place these favorite things in areas you can easily reach. You can allocate a spot for the whole set to be complete. But if you want to keep them together with similar items, keep them reachable.

Spatulas, tongs, small pots, and pans are hangable items. If the space allows, you can hang them near the stove. It makes them accessible for everyday use. Utensils and tools that are seldom needed should be kept in bottom drawers.

2. Group Items According to Purpose

Organizing food supplies in the cupboards and shelves is a must. Ingredients like spices belong to the bottom compartment for easy access. Use jars with labels for easy identification. Do not place similar-looking items side by side to avoid confusion.

Refer to the container dimensions of food cans and jars. Organize them using this criterion. Place the items with an earlier expiry date in front. It is a way to avoid wasting food.

Allocate shelves for utensils and put small labels to know what is inside. It is helpful on days you are in a hurry. Place bulky items on the bottom and put small things inside. It maximizes storage space.

3. Practice Safety Precautions

Keep your kitchen accident-free by keeping the countertop clear. It allows you more room to work and lessens the possibility of things toppling over. Keep breakable and sharp objects high enough and out of children’s reach.

Food safety is another concern. Make sure to wipe the countertop with soap and disinfectant. If you prefer toxic-free options, lemon, vinegar, and baking soda are good options. Keep insects away by putting a small pot of basil, mint, or lemon grass plant. It is best to keep the kitchen germ-free always.

Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen (2023 Tips) – Final Thoughts:

Step-by-Step Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen (2023 Tips)
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An organized home is a cozy and productive place. Busy rooms like the kitchen require a lot of care. Allocating at least one weekend every month to declutter and organize your kitchen is essential. It is an assurance of good quality meals, freshly made every day. It leads to a happier and healthier life for everyone.

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