Is Yearly Aircon Chemical Wash Necessary?

Is Yearly Aircon Chemical Wash Necessary

Yes an annual chemical wash of aircon is necessary for maintaining it is proper working, especially in the tropical regions where temperature usually tends to remain very high. In such regions an air conditioner is an important item for maintaining comfortable temperature in homes, offices and various other places. So for their proper working they have to be maintained as you maintain all other items you use in daily routine.
Reasons to chemical wash an aircon

The maintenance of air conditioner also becomes necessary if you want it to serve you perfectly for long time. Chemical cleaning of the aircon allows it to face different weather condition regardless of its design. Thus chemical overhauling can be considered as most important aspect of the maintenance of aircon. Any aircon loses it is efficiency by at least 5% every year. So it is necessary to wash it chemicals every year to maintain it is proper functioning. Moreover the sellers also suggest you about the frequency of cleaning your aircon while purchasing it so that it can efficiently serve you for long.

Is annual cleaning of aircon enough?

The annual aircon chemical overhauling of your aircon is necessary if you use it throughout the year in tropical regions due to high temperature and humidity. The reason behind it is that your aircon sucks dust and grit if you live near the sea. So to keep your aircon safe from the chemical reactions of sea-salt and grit you should give it a chemical wash at least once a year, depending upon your usage frequency.

How to clean the aircon with chemicals?

In order to clean your aircon with chemicals you will have to take out all of its parts and check them thoroughly to detect any problem in them before using any chemical for this purpose. The frequency of cleaning the aircon depends on the frequency of it is usage. Most of the experts recommend cleaning the aircon after every six months if not every month. But you can ensure maximum efficiency of your aircon by maintaining it annually through chemical wash.

When to clean your unit with chemical?

There are certain conditions when you should give a chemical wash to your aircon even out f your cleaning schedule.

These conditions may include:When it is not producing cold air:

Your aircon can stop producing cold air due to accumulation of ice in its condenser, one of the two sections responsible for this purpose. Your condenser has two sections-a condenser and a fan coil which may not produce cold air if they are dirty. So to improve the functioning of both of these sections you will have to wash them with chemical solutions.

When your aircon is leaking:

Your aircon starts leaking when it is drainage pipe back-flows due to blockage. This blockage can be removed through chemical wash which will ultimately stop it is leakage.

When bad smell is coming from the aircon:

Your aircon starts giving bad smell due to accumulation of bacteria in it is fan coil. This problem can be removed just by cleaning the fan coil with chemical.

How to chemical wash your aircon?

While giving a chemical wash to your aircon you should first of all remove it is fan coil from it is wall. Then it should be cleaned with a suitable chemical as prescribed by the experts and rinse it with clean water to remove chemical from it to prevent its coil from corrosion in future due to chemical reaction.

Brief information about basic method of chemical cleaning of aircon is provided her under for your consideration.

Then you should also clean the blower wheel and fan blades of your aircon by using the suggested chemical. After cleaning the fan you should grease it is bearings to improve its functionality.

Next you should clean the internal air-filter and flush the drainage pipes of your aircon with chemical. While completing the cleaning process you should check the pressure of the cooling gas in the condenser to ensure it is proper functioning.

Effects of chemical cleaning of your aircon

When your aircon becomes noisy then you should chemical clean it to reduce it is noisiness
Chemical cleaning of aircon also helps in stopping its leakage caused by blockage of it is drainage pipes

The working of your aircon becomes less hard after chemical cleaning it which can ultimately reduce the cost of its usage b reducing the energy consumption bill. It can eliminate bad smell from you aircon

While cleaning your aircon with chemical the working of its controls and thermostats is also checked automatically

It also helps in reducing the repair, maintenance and replacement cost of your aircon by preventing the chances of serious breakdowns in near future.
Chemical cleaning of aircon also improves it is overall efficiency

When chemical cleaning of aircon recommended?

Chemical cleaning of various parts of an aircon is normally recommended when they are not cleaned since long time or they do not work properly even after their normal maintenance. For this reason some people clean their aircon using chemicals more frequently than recommended by the experts.

When your aircon is facing issues like lack of cold air release, bad smell and leakage even then people clean it frequently using chemical with considering the factors like location and frequency of usage.

Monthly chemical cleaning of the aircon becomes necessary if you are living near the sea as compared to the people living far away from the sea. People living away from the sea can clean their aircon once or twice a year.

Thus, after going through the information provided in this write-up regarding the frequency of chemical wash of your aircon it can be concluded easily that there is not hard and fast rule in this regard. The frequency of cleaning the aircon mainly depends upon the conditions and circumstances it is facing. You will have to use chemical for cleaning your aircon if you want to improve it is efficiency for long time. You can consult aircon experts to know about recommended chemicals to be used for cleaning an aircon properly.

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