7 Cleaning Chores You Only Need to Do Every 6 Months

7 Cleaning Chores You Only Need to Do Every 6 Months – Listed below is a list of things to clean every six months. And below the list are details and explanations for how to do each task on the list. There are more things that we could place on the list, like washing your shower curtain liner, cleaning the kitchen range hood or cleaning windows, but let’s concentrate on this list first.

Seven Things to Clean Every Six Months


Months To Do What To Do

1. Jan & Jul = Clean Oven

2. Feb & Aug = Clean Entire Refrigerator and Coil Areas at Bottom of Fridge

3. Mar & Sep = Clean Deck and Patio Furniture and Store Patio Furniture

4. Apr & Oct = Clean Gutters

5. May & Nov = Replace Air Filter and Wipe Down Air Vents in House

6. Jun & Dec = Vacuum and Flip Mattresses; Wash Mattress Cover

7. Your Choice = Your teeth

Cleaning Oven


Use boiling water and a scrub pad to clean the oven.

  • Remove all racks from the oven.
  • Get water boiling in a stockpot and place old rags in it.
  • Using tongs, very carefully pull out a rag and let it drain over the pot.
  • Lay it over an area on the bottom of the stove and let it sit for 5 minutes. It will loosen chards on the bottom of the stove.
  • Repeat that process until all chards are loose.
  • Scrub off the remaining areas with the scrub pad.
  • If it is difficult, reapply hot towels to the bottom again.
  • For the glass door, place a hot towel on the glass door and let it sit a few minutes.
  • Then use a single edge razor blade and scraping one way, remove all the grime off the glass.

Clean Deck and Patio Furniture and Store Patio Furniture


Get ready to enjoy your patio furniture for the season or put it away for the rest of the season.

  • Your choice is to clean everything on the deck and then remove it, clean the deck and replace it, OR clean the deck first, then clean everything off the deck and bring the items back to a clean deck.
  • When cleaning the deck, sweep it down first to conserve water. Get cobwebs from corners, up high, and overhead if applicable.
  • Scrub the deck down with soap and water, rinse it, and let it dry.
  • Use the bristle brush to remove cobwebs from underneath chairs and chaise lounge.
  • Scrub furniture with bleach or vinegar mixture under cleaning refrigerator to remove any mold or dirt.
  • Clean pots out with a bleach before putting in a new plant.

Clean Entire Refrigerator and Coils at Bottom of Fridge


Choose one of the following solutions:

  • One tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water and mix well OR
  • One-part vinegar to one-part warm water and mix well.
  • Empty refrigerator. Wipe down walls, back, and door with a solution of choice.
  • Wash vegetable bins with warm soapy water and rinse them well. Dry off and put back in the fridge.
  • Place ingredients back in the fridge. Wipe bottoms of jars like soy sauce to make sure you don’t stain the clean fridge.
  • Empty freezer.
  • Wipe down walls, back, and door with a solution of choice.
  • Replace items in the freezer.
  • For the life of the refrigerator, vacuum off the coils at the bottom of it every 6 months.

– This helps the air compressor stay in a good working fashion.

Clean Gutters


It is important to clean gutters so that water doesn’t overflow from the gutters and run down along the foundation line of your house, eventually causing a water problem inside your home or your garage. If you have cracks in your foundation wall, that is the best place for water to seep into (i.e., the path of least resistance) and through the wall into your home during heavy rains.

You can look around your home to find trenches in mulch beds or on the soil underneath gutters as proof that the gutters are overflowing and that you need to empty them. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to protect yourself from water damage. It can cost thousands of dollars to call in a team to repair cracks in your foundation wall.

You also want to make sure the downspout from your gutters is not clogged.

Replace Air Filter and Wipe Down Air Vents


You should replace the filter every month; however, this month there’s an extra chore to do with it—wiping down vents.

  • Make sure you put the right size filter back in place of the one you’re taking out.
  • Wipe down the area around where the filter fits, removing any dust that is there.
  • If possible, remove the air vents around the house and vacuum down the holes as much as possible to remove pet dander or other items that are laying inside the vent holes.
  • Either run hot water over vents in the sink or run the dust rag over the vent to remove dust or dander.
  • After drying vent off, replace vent in the hole.
  • If not possible to remove the vent, then just wipe over it with dust rag to remove dust or dander.

Vacuum and Flip Mattresses and Wash Mattress Cover


Dead skin cells get into our mattresses. It’s good to give them fresh air too.

  • Remove and wash mattress cover.
  • Use an attachment or put the vacuum on top of the mattress, on top of the bed, and vacuum over it several times to remove any dead skin cells.
  • Flip the mattress over if possible and vacuum that side too.
  • When the mattress cover is dry place it on the bed.
  • If you want to, place some rosemary or lavender in four corners of bed before putting new sheets on the bed for a great natural smell.
  • If you can, put your mattress out in the sunshine for several hours on a sunny day.

There you can spray it with a bleach and water disinfectant and it will have time to dry before bringing it inside.

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