How Often Should We Service Fitness Centre Aircon?

Fitness centres require quality air conditioning services to create a comfortable environment for the patrons. With people involved in strenuous physical activity, there is sweating and a general feeling of

6 Myths On Office Cleaning Service

How often do you hire office cleaning service? While you can do a lot on your own to make sure that your office is clean and tidy, it is advisable

How To Fix Fujitsu Aircon Error? (Updated)

It isn’t easy to live in Singapore without an air-conditioner. However, aircon do break down from time to time. Therefore, it is important to take care of your Fujitsu air

7 Tips To Stay Healthy During Haze Period

Every year like clockwork, people in Singapore have to suffer from the suffocating haze surrounding the city. The haze can affect your health, especially if you’re exposed to it on

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